Navarra Venues


Curzon Hall is one of four prestigious Sydney venues operated by the highly regarded Navarra Group.

This heritage listed sandstone mansion was built in 1899 by Harry Curzon Smith as a present to his wife, Isabella. The building was later home to the Vincentian Fathers in 1922 and in 1983 was sold and converted to a function centre.

We were fortunate enough to work closely with the Navarra Group earlier this year to create a cosy underground space using a number of our Aged Leather and Recycled Timber products…

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Our Ballard, Ithaca and Vanguard Aged Leather Armchairs

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Katz & Trope Sailmaking Stacking Stools, Cube Cart ETU and Kensington 2 Seater Sofas

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Katz & Trope Cube Cart ETU and Kensington 2 Seater Sofa.