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Add some personality and warmth to your living room with a beautiful armchair. We stock a range of different styles and materials with a piece to suit any taste. Our vintage leather armchairs combine timeless style with modern comfort and are great statement pieces. All of our aged leather is supreme quality, natural and hand finished. Leather has long been known for being extremely durable and is a great choice for anyone looking to purchase fine furniture to last them for years to come.

Our Constitution Wingback chair is the ultimate Kings chair and offers a spacious seating area, superior comfort and a captivating look. Add a splash of colour to your space with one of our colourful armchairs. We stock a range of unique armchairs made from materials like velvet and linen. A colourful armchair can be the perfect accessory to tie in with your colour scheme. Our Revolver chair comes in several different colours and we are sure there is one you will love. We stock chairs inspired by a range of different styles like Art Deco, Industrial, Mid Century and many more.