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Introducing Alliance Furnitures new Belgium Chateau Range. A style inspired by designs from 18th and 19th Century Belgium. The collection features large timber dining tables, beautifully weathered sideboards, classical vintage leather armchairs and more. The range embodies worn, pastel finishes coupled with natural timber tones.

Constructed entirely of Reclaimed Timber; The Belgium Chateau Range makes good use of timber pieces that started their lives as warehouse beams or factory doors. Originally sourced from the plains of North East China. The timber is aged to perfection for up to 100 years. A mix of species can be found including Armand, Scots Redwood and Dragon Eye timbers. The timbers natural patina has been thoroughly maintained to ensure each piece has endless character.

The Range epitomizes supreme quality and attention to detail. These unparalleled feature pieces will define any room.