Sydney Marketing Co.


We recently worked with the awesomely cool Sydney Marketing Company on their new meeting rooms. Our Aged Leather and Recycled Timber Products perfectly complimented the beautiful sandstone walls to create a warm, relaxed and sophisticated space. We think the use of different textures has worked brilliantly.

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Our Winchester 3 Seater, Katz and Trope Platform Cart, and Winchester Armchairs next to a gorgeous stone fireplace – heaven!


Winchester 3 Seater

 Platform Cart

Winchester Armchairs

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Our Derringer Dining Chairs in Aged Leather make for a comfortable, yet professional, aesthetic in this meeting room.


Derringer Dining Chairs

Custom Made Recycled Australian Hardwood Table

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With the sliding partition and the theme of Aged Leathers and Recycled Timbers, the meeting rooms flow effortlessly between one another.