The Bank on Collins

We recently had the pleasure working with Melbourne based Retail Savvy Group, who work their magic on a number of branded concepts for some of the coolest venues in the city. For their latest trick, they turned their hand to The Bank on Collins, a stunning heritage-listed building, and formerly the Bank of Australasia. The 1838 building boasts a stunning lobby and split level mezzanine floor plan – accommodating a variety of events, and catering for close to 700 people.

Opening its newly-polished doors in Mid-October, the space is truly breathtaking. The quirky decor, featuring turn-of-the-century cartoon murals, vintage posters, and stunning chandeliers, is the creative brainchild of Russian Tomato – Melbourne’s hottest design agency.

Treat a loved one this Christmas and book a seat at one of our tables – our Clover Inlay Table Top has been used throughout the restaurant area to great effect. We think they enhance their classical surroundings beautifully, as well as being a feature in their own right.

View more of Retail Savvy Group’s amazing venues here, and Gastro-logy’s review of the amazing food on offer here.

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